The AGL’s Apex Legends Invitational Qualifiers has been released. Please click the link below and register.  If you are able to make this one or spots were filled, dont worry as we have 4 more coming up after.  

AGL’s Season 1 Invitational Qualifier

Please select below for the specified date in which you would like to participate in a qualifier match. Details on the tournaments will be located on both the signup page (link) and on our Official Discord. Once successfully through the qualifiers, quarterfinals and semi-finals, participants in the tournament will be required to attend the finals at a physical location selected by the Alliance Gaming League *If you are unable to attend the finals in person, please notify the league at* ( AGL and the Gamers Combine reserve the right to adjust match sizes, details and anything else pertaining to the tournaments at any point before and during tournament play. )


*Team Select Qualifiers Will Be Postponed Until After The AGL Apex Season* 


PAYMENT: First click on the tournament above and Register! After successfully registering, please fill out the required information and click on the “Pay Now” button below.

Xbox / PS4
Gamer Tag
Discord Name